Pityrosporium ovale which is known as dandruff is a kind of fungus which causes drying and scaling of the scalp. Depending on the sensitivity of the individual against this agent, the scalp rises as lamellae, is shed and mixes with the hair. It is observed as small white particles and causes a bad appearance by shedding onto the shoulders.

The factors which trigger dandruff include wrong habits of care and hygiene, wrong nutrition and high calorie diets, bedridden diseases, products like shampoos with high oil content used for cleaning the scalp.

The condition which is caused by these negative factors can be named as development of infection as a result of increase in fungi causing dandruff.

Dandruff indicates that the scalp is in a sensitive period. This means that the skin should not be irritated in this time period. Massage, rubbing, brushing strongly and pulling the scales off by hand worsens dandruff. The cause of dandruff may be eczema or seborrheic dermatitis occurring in a region with excessive oil excretion like ears, nose, eyebrows, eyelashes and shoulders. If inflammation is present in addition to eczema, a physician should be consulted.