Eyes constitute the most characteristic parts of the face. Eyebrows play an important role in forming different expressions of the face by framing the eyes. There is no cosmetic or medicinal treatment to grow hair in areas of lost or deficient eyebrows, yet. Independent of the cause, hair roots can be transplanted in the field of lost eyebrows and new hair appearing like eyebrows can be provided to grow.

What is eyebrow restoration, how is it performed?
Eyebrow restoration can be defined as restoration of healthy hair roots which are programmed genetically not to be lost for a lifetime obtained from the area which is localized between the ears in the posterior part of head and which is called donor area in the areas of eyebrows.

This procedure starts with the patient’s decision for the eyebrow form he/she wishes after consultation with the plastic surgeon. Afterwards, a mild sedative agent is given to the patient and local anesthesia is administered in the region where the procedure will be performed. The procedure lasts about one hour and the patient can have a bath 24 hours after the procedure without any problems.

Mild crusting and erythema is observed in the transplantation area after the procedure for four days. The area where the restoration is performed completely heals at the end of 6-7 days. Full growth of the transplanted eyebrows takes 3-6 months. Although a second intervention is generally not required, the growth is evaluated at the end of the sixth month and a second intervention is performed to obtain the desired outcome, if needed.

Eyebrow restoration is a procedure which requires specialization. This is because the angles and directions of the hair in the eyebrow area are different from the scalp hair. The hair in the scalp area grows with an angle of 45 degrees, but the hairs in the eyebrow area are almost parallel to the skin. The roots in this region grow vertically in the intersection region with the nose, downwards in the superior part of the eyebrows and upwards in the inferior part of the eyebrows. They become a single line when they combine at the end. The roots obtained from the scalp should be placed into very small canals in the skin as follicular units which are extremely thinned, so that no scar is left in the region and a natural