Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Transplantation


Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Transplantation                                     

How long does it take?

Operation is completed in one day, it approximately takes 10-15 hours.


How long am I supposed to stay in hospital after hair transplantation?

It is adequate for you to stay for a night. You are being discharged the next day in the afternoon.   


Where do I stay after hair transplantation?

Your place of lodging is evaluated due to your condition after the operation. If your bleeding continues or blood pressure problems develop you stay in hospital while if there is no expected condition you stay in our hotel.


When can I get back to active working after hair transplantation?

You can get back to work in the second day if you are on a desk job. If you work physically, we advise you to get back to work after 3-4 days.


Do I have to do special care after hair transplantation?

You just have to do a special washing procedure in approximately 7-10 days after the operation. 


Can I do washing procedure myself after hair transplantation?

Yes, you can; but if you have a chance to let us do it, we advise you to leave it to us.


When can I get back to my routine after hair transplantation (doing sports etc.)?

You can return to your routines at the end of 1 month.


Are there any side effects of hair transplantation?

Side effects of the procedure are: headache, swelling, loss of sense in scalp, itching, redness. 


Can you explain the headaches after hair transplantation?

You may experience headaches for 2-3 days after the operation, you will be given painkillers.


Can you explain swelling after hair transplantation?

You will need to keep your heart and head in the same level parallel to the ground for 2 days, namely you need to lay down and to be well hydrated. If you do not take it seriously, swelling may develop. This condition fades away in 5-7 days, it does not repeat.


Can you explain loss of sense after hair transplantation?

Loss of sense develops due to local anesthetics we apply, it approximately fades away in 1-2 months.


Can you explain itching after hair transplantation?

Itching may develop for a week; you will be given a drug for this condition.


Can you explain redness?

Redness develops in donor area, the back of your head; it fades in approximately 10-15 days.


Which method do you apply in hair transplantation?

We use needled Fue method in hair transplantation and we support it with Pure PRP and hair loss mapping.


Do I have to cut my hair before hair transplantation?

Yes, you will have to have a haircut to be in number 1 haircut level. There may be exceptions; the situation will be clear in the examination.


What is the benefit of Pure PRP in hair transplantation?

Hair growth process quickens in Pure PRP, coming to 3-4 months from 8-9. Your look in 6th month becomes the same with the one in year one. While the success rate of the planted hair is around %60-70 in hair transplantation, it becomes %85-90 in transplantation supported with Pure PRP.


What is the benefit of Ozone treatment in hair transplantation?

This procedure lowers the duration of recovery from 15-21 days to 4-7 days.


How is hair transplantation price defined?

Operation prices are not defined due to hairless areas, it should e defined due to intensity of your own hair and the number of hair strands taken from the donor area; because if donor site is inadequate, it may not be proper to define a price due to hairless areas, because procedure may not be successful.


Do you feel pain during hair transplantation?

No, it is done under local anesthesia and you feel nothing.


Who applies hair transplantation operation?

It is done with a team of a plastic surgeon, two specialist doctors, 6 assistant and three nurses.


When does my hair get back to its former look?

You begin noticing the new look of your hair on your third month. Now, your hair is on the growth phase just as your own. You will see the full results in your 6th months. IF your metabolism is slow, this process may be longer, to 8-9 months.


How do I understand if the graft number I am told is planted or not?

While getting to canal phase from extraction phase during the operation, you and your doctor will count the extracted grafts. You will count and confirm the plantation in writing, so that your guarantee documents will be filled in with this info. Your doctor will also count it so that he will open canals in this number and won’t cause any unnecessary damage.


What is the difference between Graft, hair strand and hair root?

Hair strand and hair root can be used in the same meaning; because at the edge of every root, there is a strand. Root is the part under the scalp, while strand is above the skin. Graft is a multiple hair root tissue. For example, a graft may contain two, three, four and five roots.


For example how many roots do 1000 grafts make?  

This depends on the hand work of the specialist. If he wants to finish the operation fast or wants to do a standard job, he may take 1000 roots from 1000 grafts. A professional doctor who does qualified work can extract 2500-3000 roots from 1000 grafts; because more roots mean more natural look.


Is it necessary to come back to visits after hair transplantation?

No, most of the times you do not have to come. You will be called in every 10-15 days for three months and you will be followed by the pictures you send us online.