Restoration of physiologic hair groups called follicular unit after separation from a band obtained from hair loop is currently the most common and developed hair restoration method. This method has long ago deposed the traditional mini-micro graft hair restoration.

Here are introduced some of the most important aspects of the technique. Transmed assures solely use of ‘FU’ (follicular units) in hair restoration. 

Scar formed after operation
Our most important objective is the scar formed in the donor area after operation to be noticed by hairdresser with difficulty and to be covered by other hair completely.

What is Follicular Unit (FU)?
When looked from a distance, an impression is developed that the hair are generally lying one by one (and in a certain system side by side). However, this is not the situation. We call the natural hair bundle formed by multiple visible hair roots FOLLICULAR UNIT. The unit can be differentiated under three-dimensional microscope.

How are Follicular Units obtained?
To determine the optimal amount required during restoration of hair in the regions with fewer hair, the density of the donor area is measured before each therapy. After this measurement is performed with microscopic camera the size of the band and maximum numbers of follicular units which can be transplanted are determined.

The band which will be removed from the donor area is obtained under local anesthesia. Follicular units are obtained by single band extraction method. This method requires special skill and education.