In the Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) technique, a part of skin is extracted from the area between the ears where healthy roots are present (called hair loop) as a band and separated to roots one by one. Afterwards, these roots are placed in the canals opened in the area where hair transplantation is desired to be performed.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique which is a minimally invasive procedure is based on the principle of collecting roots one by one which provides use of the donor area with the highest productivity. This method has been performed in the world and in Transmed only by specialist surgeons. The only difference between FUT method and FUE method is the technique of collecting hair roots. Canal opening and placement steps are the same in both methods.

İstanbul Hair Club  is a competent institution where both methods are used efficiently and which gives education about both methods abroad.

The physicians and specialist medical team of İstanbul Hair Club have performed more than 5000  hair transplantation operations since its foundation in 2008 . All the physicians and assistants are specialists experienced on hair transplantation procedures and have an education of international level. To obtain naturally appearing outcomes in hair transplantation high-quality technical equipment are used during operations. Whatever technique is preferred, your operation is performed with great care and attention of the specialist physician and medical team in İstanbul Hair Club.