Androgenetic alopecia is the most common type of hair loss observed in men and women. In this type of hair loss, gradual hair loss is observed in the forehand and in the middle region of the head in a distinctive form. The cause is genetic sensitivity of hair roots to DHT. The stronger the sensitivity of the hair roots to this hormone derivative, the more severe the hair loss progresses.

The hair strands first get thinner, lose their color and the hair roots vanish at the end. Presence of hair loss in the father does not mean that his child will also have hair loss. Hair loss depends to a map which is formed by coincidental combination of genes form both the mother and the father. This new map may prepare a completely different future in the boy for his hair.

Androgen sensitivity with a genetic cause is effective in certain regions of the head. The hair circle between the ears is defined as “permanent hair” and these hair follicles have no genetic sensitivity against DHT. They keep their existence for a life time. Due to the permanent roots in this region you always have the chance to change the fate of your hair by successful hair by successful hair restoration.