Mega Hair Plantation

In hair transplantation for improvements are improving day by day due to medical and technological greater number than conventional methods can be added to the hair follicles. With the FUE method, the number of stem cells from the graft 3500 (2.5 per 1 hair grafts) in one, this method “Mega Hair Transplantation” is called. In this method, also called Big Hair Transplant Case at one time, from 4000 to 7500 grafts can be taken. However in Fut method, there can be obtained clusters, and that the number of grafts and 2000 grafts corresponds to 1000 grafts.

Who can have Mega Hair Transplantation?

“Mega Hair Transplantation” method applied to people with severe problems of hairlessness. In particular, starting from the front of the hair to peak discharge apertures, which gives good results. The most significant feature of this method is positive, an operation opening is closed off at one time the hair. This condition; extend the duration of treatment, but in turn contributes to a feeling of well being in patients.

Can every person have Mega Hair Transplantation?

The people who want to find a solution with Mega Hair Transplantation should have some criterias like; 

People that donor hair follicles in the nape of the 2-3-and 4-way formation of graft
Hair on the neck region is very intense.
At the same time hairlessness problem is severe.

How to apply Mega Hair Transplantation?

Mega Hair Transplantation method; planned and personalized for each person is an operation. The average 4000 grafts in one go from the neck region (root), taking the hair with an opening area is posted. In Mega Hair Transplantation in a trace amount in the region of hair follicles may be taken. This trail is zero or a number, but the person’s hair is shaved and becomes obvious when you look very closely. A second hair transplant after hair transplantation is planned repeated after 1 year.

Considerations after Mega Hair Transplantation

  • Built in Hair transplantation should be careful not to bump anywhere.
  • Sweating, which can cause heavy and dangerous work should be avoided.
  • Stress, which can cause panic and anxiety should be far from the action.
  • Hair transplantation after the first night of sexual intercourse should be avoided.
  • Do not drink alcohol for the first one week of antibiotics should be used.
  • The first three days of your stay supine position should be present. If you were planting in the hills, through the neck region can support you roll a towel and bag of hair planted on the hill regions of the state can eliminate friction.
  • The first day is definitely hair should not be washed. Process the next day, the seed dressing will be done in the hospital. The first washing process, the sowing is carried out after the 3rd day.
  • You will be presented with all the details in your home can also perform the first washing process.
  • Rain, from the effects of the sun’s rays; to be affected by a variety of pollen in the atmosphere, you should go up by wearing hats to do the first two weeks out.
  • Pool, sauna, hammam and still waters such as high temperature increases the risk of infection to enter.
  • Hair wash lotion and pH balance of 5.5, antibacterial shampoo your hair should be washed every day for 15 days without interruption.
  • Hair transplantation procedures after the 10th day of October, the cast must be in the region of the shell.
  • While shedding while washing our fingers with a harder massage movements should pour all.

Wash after the first week of october in the hair will begin to fall gradually with washing this is a normal condition. Hair roots are transferred from one area to another area where it can not carry the hair fiber, and 80% is poured hairs appear on the skin surface. The second month after the month of 1-1.5 cm. subcutaneously transplanted hair roots to emerge and begin to grow.