Hair loss occurs as a result of injury to the head because of various causes.

In these regions, FUE “Follicular Unit Extraction” method is preferred. However, a consultation and a test restoration performed with a small number of follicles is recommended before such a correction operation.

In addition, another therapy used frequently is the operation performed on wound scars which occur as a result of hair restorations performed with FUT. It can be followed up in the medical literature Trichophytic closure which is one of the current closure techniques prevents externally appearing injury. However, FUE technique is used to camouflage the non-cosmetic scars formed when this method is not used.

In these type correction operations, hair roots are extracted from the donor region and placed in the line of injury. Thus, the wound scar is prevented from being remarkable and causing social discomfort.

DermaCell application in wound treatment
Micro cuts opened by a special cylindrical device prompt the wound healing mechanisms of the skin. Consequently, neovascularization and collagen formation start in these canals opened with an equal number in all regions of the skin at thousands of points.


When this procedure is performed by letting additional products absorbed into the skin, amazing results are achieved. With this technique which was developed in 2003 to administer vaccines and insulin to the blood without using needles, products for skin care are infiltrated rapidly under the epidermis and repair cells with problem.


This procedure is performed with PRP (Thrombocyte-rich plasma) for the first time in İstanbul hair club after Prof. Dr. Joseph Greco who has scientific articles on this subject.


In this method, 40 cc blood is obtained from the patient, as for any blood test. Platelet-rich plasma is obtained with separation of this blood into its component in a special centrifuge device. The indication of PRP approved by FDA is acceleration of the wound healing procedure


PRP applied on micro wounds passes rapidly under the skin, leaves autologous growth factors into the cycle of wound healing and acts as a platform for the stem cells to hang on to. Thus skin renewing, pore constricting and especially anti-aging effects increase incrementally. The results which we observed suggest that this is a very efficient alternative for patients who do not want invasive filling or plastic surgery intervention as Prof.Dr. Greco noted.