Based on our 17 years of experience, we can say that there is not a prepared prescription for successful hair restoration. The success of hair restoration depends on the experience and competency of the physician performing the operation, selection of the technical equipment used and a well-organized, comprehensive team work. Some techniques and applications which have not been tried scientifically and comprehensively may have disadvantages. Therefore, we present our patients only tested solutions which can give the best results at the lowest risk.


What is FUT?

FUT is an abbreviation of the term “Follicular Unit Transplantation”. Follicular unit is the natural hair bundle composed of multiple hair roots. These units can be differentiated under three-dimensional microscope. Since it is a structure with anatomic integrity, maintaining and transplanting it on a new location renders the outcome of hair restoration both natural and more efficient. Dividing these units carelessly may lead wasting of a few roots, which may shorten the life of the new hair. İstanbul hair club assures working completely with Follicular Unit in all the surgical hair transplantation interventions.


What is FUE?

FUE is an abbreviation of the term “Follicular Unit Extraction”. Roots to be restored are obtained by taking individual follicular units one by one with a special device. This method principally also provides obtaining and using the hair in the body. The advantage of this method is that no scar is left on the location of the roots taken one by one. In both FUT and FUE methods, hair roots are placed on their new locations by means of the same technique.


  • Do not use Aspirin or other blood thinners for 1 week before hair transplantation.
  • Do not consume ALCOHOL in 3 days before hair transplantation.
  • Inform your doctor about the drugs you have been using for chronic (diabetes, heart diseases, blood pressure, tuberculosis) or acute diseases.
  • Do not use tricylcic antidepressants, anticoagulatives (heparin, Coumadin etc), beta blockers and MAO inhibitors (aurorix etc.) for 2 weeks before hair transplantation. Inform your doctor if you used any of these drugs in this duration.
  • Do not use any local drugs on your scalp and hair before hair transplantation.
  • Wash your hair before coming to hair transplantation and do not use any kinds of hair gel or sprays.
  • Have breakfast before coming to hair transplantation. If your operation is scheduled for the afternoon, have a light lunch before coming.
  • Bring a cap with you that can be loosened or tightened from the behind in order to use after transplantation.
  • Do not smoke for 24 hours before hair transplantation if possible, if you cannot do it, try to smoke less. Do not forget that smoking will prolong your recovery process.
  • Do not take multivitamin preparations that involve B and E vitamins for a week before hair transplantation, because they will increase bleeding during the process.
  • We do not advise you to drive for 6 hours after hair transplantation, if you will come by your car, bring someone to drive on the way back.
  • Wear comfortable clothes (buttoned shirt etc.) that will not touch your hair during wearing and taking off before coming to hair transplantation.