Hair Transplantation Center


Hair has been the symbol of beauty, vitality, strength and status for the entire human history. Hair has an important place in our social life; because hair is amongst the sharpest features of a person. Hair loss (androgenetic alopecia), becomes more than an aesthetic problem in time and may cause severe psychological problems. In our Hair Transplantation Center, hair transplantation which is the only solution of hair loss is applied by our Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon and expert team.

İstanbul Hair Club Hair Transplantation Center is established in 2008 with the aim of becoming one of the most popular hair transplantation centers of the world. We are amongst the few centers that apply the latest technologies in hair transplantation in the world.

İstanbul Hair Club provides the best service to both local and international patients in high standards and customer satisfaction focused service concept by adapting to the latest in medicine, technique, technology, psychology and aesthetic fields for 6 years.

  • İstanbul Hair Club is certainly not a tool company !
  • We are a surgery center that specializes solely in hair transplant, We are committed to developing techniques and expertise of our teams to deliver the best hair transplant surgery.
  • The experience and expertise of our team at İstanbul Hair Club Hair transplantation Center are evident with more than 2.600 patients and more than 10 million grafts having been transplanted. We perform about 2-3 hair transplant surgeries a day.
  • We design hair patterns and assess the number of grafts by taking into consideration the results that will look most natural.
  • Our clinic has been very good at controlling contamination and preventing infection. At present, the infection rate is zero (from more than 2.600 patients who undergo hair transplant surgery).
  • We provide candid recommendations on hair transplant so that every patient understands and is able to decide whether to undergo the treatment or not.
  • We take responsibility and care for every patient after hair transplant surgery for satisfying results. We provide post-surgery treatments without additional charges (except some medicines).

Our Quality Strategy

With the importance we place on “Patient Happiness”, “Patient Psychology”, “Patient Safety”, “Sterilization”, “High Technology”, “Latest applications of Medicine in Hair Transplantation”, patient satisfaction is our principle and it is the most important step of our sense of quality.

Health Service is provided according to the rights of patients and their relatives.

With a multidisciplinary concept in service, treatment is directed towards agreed decisions by noting all the view of our patients and teamwork is strengthened.

Hair Transplantation Quality and naturalness is provided by caring for all the requests and medical records of patients.

Communication between patients, their relatives and medical professionals is enabled and patients and their relatives are participated in all these processes.

Patients and their relatives are briefed about the procedures, patients are informed about the method and patient compliance is increased. Thus, treatment success is increased.

Patient privacy is preserved in highest level.

System is constantly improved by patient and employee feedbacks and our quality standards are improved every day.

Health service is provided in proper physical environment, latest technological possibilities, high level sterilization precautions, fair price policy for domestic and international patients and possibility of working in international standards is created.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the most popular and respected Hair and Aesthetic Surgery Clinic in Turkey and the world with our experience of 6 years, uncompromising ethical manner, and leading clinical applications.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide service to our distinguished guests who applied for hair transplantation by guiding their requests and applying the latest technology in medicine, painless treatment methods that give us a happy ending and increase their life quality.

Our Aim

As İstanbul Hair Club team;

Apart from providing our distinguished guests with a natural, healthy and dense hair, we aim to become a respected and followed clinic in aesthetic field, establish a warm communication between our guests and clinic in the basis of reference.